fredag, oktober 31, 2008


Jag spinner vidare på backup... Kanske kan det vara nytta för några, fick det här mailet för någon dag sedan från min agent. Summa sumarum, tänk på att digital railroad kanske lägger ner snart.

You can call this an FYI.

The news has been swirling around for weeks about Digital Railroad, and today there was announcement that the service may be shut down (see blog entries on: , , and others). The NPPA (National Press Photographers Association) is recommending its members to act, and make sure they back up any work they may have on DRR websites, as a precaution ( ). We suggest you do the same. However, Photoshelter, one of the other main competitors in the field of image hosting, has also had some difficulties in funding, and recently shut off its own MarketPlace service.

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Who sa...

Har inga brillianta ideér kring någon backup eller NAS lösning. Ville bara säga att du gav ett nice intryck på tvprogrammet du var med i.

Sa Who